George Eliot, Etching by Paul Adolphe Rajon (1884)
George Eliot, Etching by Paul Adolphe Rajon (1884)


After George Eliot's death, French artist Paul Adolphe Rajon (1843-1888) etched this portrait of her for reproduction, basing it on the 1865 chalk drawing by Sir Frederic William Burton. This was one of the few images of Eliot that George Walter Cross approved for public dissemination, and it was featured in the first volume of Cross's publication George Eliot's Life, as Related in her Letters and Journals (Cross 1885, 1: frontispiece). Rajon's oeuvre also includes etchings of portraits of John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin, ("Paul Adolphe Rajon" 2020), and Alfred, Lord Tennyson ("Lord Tennyson, Paul Adolphe Rajon" 2020).

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