Goblin Market by: Christina Rossetti


This edition was published by Harrap Limited, 1984 in London. This is a reprint, reprinted in 1984, fairly recently. That in itself proves that it was in demand and therefore did very well when it first came out. This publisher is known for publishing Arthur Rackham’s work as well.

Christina Rossetti’s poem is printed in this edition to be marketed to children, as this version is a children’s picture book whilst simultaneously, originally, being marketed to collectors, because of Rackham’s unique artistry. The editions that were meant to be for children were most likely printed on paper back but then the ones that were meant for collectors, would have been printed on a cover of higher quality.

The only author that was a part of this specific publication was Christina G. Rossetti.

 Arthur Rackham is the illustrator of this edition of Christina G. Rossetti’s, Goblin Market. Rackham was born September 19th, 1867 and passed September 6th 1939, just before his seventy-second birthday. He is a book illustrator that was known for his literary figure illustrations. This book includes 4 coloured pictures and numerous textual decorations throughout.

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