Goblin Market: Richard Bowes (1988)
Cover page, The hero fights off a ravenous pack of goblins.


Published by Warner Books 1988, New  York. 

This re-imagining of Christine Rossetti’s classic Goblin market was an attempt to retool the Victorian poem for a younger and more modern audience. Appealing to the growing popularity of the sci-fi genre that blossomed in the early 80’s Richard Bowe’s created this post-apocalyptic spin-off using his original series “War Child” in hopes of capturing the imagination of young audiences and breathing new life into a literary classic. This text is heavily adapted and only loosely conforms to some of the plot beats and themes of the original Goblin Market. However, Bowes does make use of the poem's iconic Goblin antagonists. In this adaptation there is a clear effort made to ignore the sexual subtext present in Rossetti’s original version, instead opting for a more palatable action/adventure story that appeals to the broadest demographic of young audiences. This new take on “Goblin Market'' was written and adapted by Richard Bowes, an American author out of Boston, born in 1944. Bowes is well known for his work in science fiction and fantasy. The illustration shown was created by Richard Hescox, an American illustrator out of California born in 1949. Only one illustration can be seen in this text.


Kooistra, Lorraine. No Sex Please, We're Victorian: Invoking the Pre-Raphaelite Sexual Signifier in Popular Culture. 2001

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