*Graphic* Casualties in WWI


This graphic picture show soldiers who have died in the trenches in WWI. These soldiers in particular were Italian. The saddest part about WWI was the way that they had to get rid of bodies, according to Wilfred Owen in Dulce Et Decorum Est, they were throwing bodies in a cart to be taken away after the soldiers had reached their fate. I could not find a picture of this on Wikipedia commons however. "If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace Behind the wagon that we flung him in," it is also said that soldiers would bury their fallen comrades where they fell in shallow graves. This is very disheartening and terrible to imagine. Enough to drive a man to insanity and a huge contributer to having PTSD after the war. It would be a miracle if a man could come back and fit right back into the society that he once knew and loved. I can't imagine being in the position that these soldiers were in and then having to come back home and continue the life you used to. It would absolutely break me. You can almost see the sadness in the writing by Wilfred Owen. 

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20th century