Interpretations of Notional Ekphrasis

This timeline gives a summary of 3 different events that were related to the influence of ekphrasis, both prior to the publishing date of The Picture of Dorian Gray and after the fact. 


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circa. 1662

The Face of Beatrice Cenci is created

Guido Reni paints The Face of Beatrice Cenci- although this credit is sometimes contested. Beatrice was a young noblewoman who died in 1599. The cause of death was execution, as she was found guilty for the murder of her father. The trial preceding the execution was a hot topic in the 16th century, as the details of Beatrice's abuse at the hands of Count Francesco Cenci led many to question whether she deserved her sentence. Beatrice was executed alongside her stepmother and two of her siblings, but became immortalized by the people who saw her as a symbol of resistance to the aristocracy. Portrait of Beatrice Cenci became known for its moving qualities, as many who saw it were very moved by her expression. The painting inspired many different interpretations of both the real-life Beatrice as well as the circumstances surrounding the creation of the portrait. Notably, her pitiable story as well as the serene and innocent visage in the portrait may have led some to believe that the painting proved Beatrice's innocence. 

Abby Nelson

Karl Lagerfeld's A Portrait of Dorian Gray is published

Noted fashion photographer Karl Lagerfeld published his photographic work A Portrait of Dorian Gray in 2005. The book was inspired by Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, and featured an additional character named "Mrs. Dorian Gray." It starred Models Larry Scott and Eva Herzigová, who portrayed Mr. and Mrs. Dorian.There's a heavy focus throughout on the ideas of beauty, perfection, and youth.The photographs make use of fashion industry conventions and tropes, but eventually subvert expectations by dramatically aging the models as the pages go.  

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The start of the month Aug 2008 to The end of the month Aug 2008

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Stages The Picture of Dorian Gray

The performing arts departments of the Universities of Lincoln and Central Lancashire stage The Picture of Dorian Gray as part of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The work featured a bare-bones stage, an all-female cast, and creative use of unconventional props. The piece was 55 minutes long and was created by Darren Tunstall in collaboration with the departments involved. The creation involved adapting the script directly from Wilde's novel as well as making creative decisions to best communicate the meanings of the original story. 

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