A Letter from a Distressed Jane Bennet to Her Sister


In a letter from Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Jane writes to her sister Elizabeth Bennet about the sudden coldness she is experiencing from the Bingley family, particularly from Caroline Bingley, the sister of the man she is in love with. She describes to Elizabeth how she did not see or hear from Caroline for a long time after calling upon (visiting) her after arriving in London. She then finally returns the visit and is cold to Jane, showing no signs of happiness during the interaction and not expressing a desire to see Jane again. Jane then reasons that Caroline is avoiding her out of an unnecessary protection for her brother, and feels pity for her while at the same time experiencing confusion and sadness. This letter was recreated with ink and a glass dip pen on a regular sheet of white office paper that had been crinkled to give the letter a weathered appearance, as if it belonged to that time period. 

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  • Helen Hornor