Image of Karl Marx (author of The Communist Manifesto) taken in 1875.

Marx was born in Trier, Prussia (now known as Germany) on the 5th of May on the year 1818. His father was a lawyer. His mother was from Holland. He was baptised Evangelical, though he question religion not just as a whole but its role in society. He went to school in Trier and went to college in Bonn in Germany. Fun fact: the school he went to in Trier was thought to be harbouring "liberal teachers" and therefore was under police suveillance. At univeristy Marx became a group of people that called themselves "Hegelians" following the ideals of a man named Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The Prussion government saw this as dangerous and worked to remove them from universities. Marx married (a woman named Jenny von Westphalen) in June of 1843. Together, they moved to Paris which at the time was the where socialist ideas and ideas of communism were booming. Through a publication marx worked on he met Friedrich Engels. The Prussion Government was not done with Marx and he was forced to leave France, moving to Brussels, and later London where he wrote and published The Communist Manifesto alongside Friedrich Engels.


John Jabez Edwin Mayal / Public domain / Wikimedia

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