Parliamentary Union of Ireland and Great Britain by Malorie Cardaman

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Parliamentary Union of Ireland and Great Britain:

The Parliamentary Union of Ireland and Great Britain is a historical landmark regarding the foundation of what is modernly known as the United Kingdom. In this act, also known as the Acts of Union of 1800, the European alliances of Great Britain and Ireland formed an agreement in the early 1800’s that “abolished the Irish parliament” thus officially creating the United Kingdom (Kelly, 236). Following the rise of political concern, Great Britain thought it best to reach out to the kingdom of Ireland to better strengthen their power as the two ruling islands of Europe. Although unexpected of the British parliament, considering that they had once been at war with Ireland and were threatened by Irish rebellion, the alliance of the two countries was essential to disbanding Irish and British feuds. As explained by author James Kelly, the decision to merge both countries “signaled the direction London’s Irish policy was increasingly to take in the next half-century” and “represented the first notable diminution of the traditional British reluctance to contemplate a union with Ireland” (237). Another reason for the emergence of the two kingdoms was to disperse any further conflict between other European countries; the United States had overthrown Great Britain during the Revolutionary War and Britain had been at war with France at the time of Irish alliance to the French kingdom (John D. Ruddy, 1:28). As there were several political advantages to merging with England, the Irish parliament did also recognize the economic advantages of merging with Great Britain as their country struggled economically (Kelly, 242). Through the Parliamentary Union of Ireland and Great Britain, in 1801, the two countries were officially merged into one solidified kingdom and the feuds between Ireland and Britain ceased to exist as they had become united with one another.


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