Peterloo Massacre


On August 16, 1819, 60,000 non-violent protestors came together at St. Peter's Field in Manchester to demand freedom from oppression, the right to vote, and to support the Parliamentary Reform. The French Revolution, which occured in the late 18th century, left many people jobless along with taking a toll on the nation's finances nevertheless, helped many people to see equality, liberty, and fraternity which led to the protestors standing up for themselves and what they believe in.  Demanding the right to vote, the Manchester Yeomanry, the militia who defeated the French armies of the French Revolution(Napoleon War), attacked the leader of the protest and cavalries began to take over, almost a dozen people were killed and over 600 were left injured during this outrage.[Chandler 1] The Peterloo Massacre became significant as it opened up parliamentary democracy as well the "Great Reform Act of 1832".

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