Plate Number 68


This image depicts Sweeney Todd lunging, with his razor in hand, towards Sir Richard Blunt in an attempt to murder him. One person has grabbed Todd by his hair. There is a massive crowd at Todd’s trial, and some look frightened or angry, while the rest of them are inconsequential but add to the sheer number of attendees. Canes rise from the mass of people, perhaps signalling that they would come to the aid of Blunt if needed. Sir Richard Blunt himself is clearly taken by surprise as he is in the middle of speaking, with one hand raised and his hat in the other. A man at the bottom of the image looks as if he is attempting to defuse the situation as he has one hand in a halting manner. However, in his other he has raised his cane to indicate that he is not above resorting to a violent method of defusal. The clearly upper class jury observes the commotion with looks of disdain on their faces.


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