Political Cartoons of the 1800's
Irish figure portrayed drunk and slovenly sitting atop a powder keg


Parody and satire have long been a common genre for political commentary. While today we have a myriad of meduims to make our political views known such as web blogs, web vlongs, social media, written posts to an absurd amount of published news organizations, both large and small, call ins to raio, call ins to video and everything in between. In the past, very few individuls had access to the masses, the most widespread form of information came from the printed word and as print evolved/devolved, however you see it, the visual image became printable. Thus, the cartoon was born. One of the first was in The Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754, with the image of a chopped-up snake, the words "Join or Die" underneath it. A long run of political cartoons would follow. Some in the form of humor, some in the form of bewildered rage. 

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circa. 19th century