Proserpine (1882): Jane Morris or Elizabeth Siddal?


‘Now Proserpine, of two empires alike great deity, spends with her mother half the year's twelve months and with her husband half. Straightway her heart and features are transformed.

The red of the pomegranate and of the lips resound in the auburn hair that Rossetti chose for the last version, perhaps a reminiscence of his late wife Elizabeth Siddal. Rossetti depicts Proserpine in her full power, allowing more light on the wall behind her and on the many green folds of her majestic dress. 

Proserpine, eighth version - 1882 – oil

Dimensions: 30 3/4 x 14 3/4 in.

Current Location: Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery

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  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Image Date: 

19th century