"The Spanish Gypsy" (1878)
"Fedalma" by George Fuller


Numerous artists envisioned the poem "The Spanish Gypsy" through different scenes. The first four exhibited here include "Fedalma" by George Fuller (1822-1884), who was not only an illustrator, but also a portrait painter; "The Troubador" by William L. Sheppard (1833-1912); "Fedalma, The Spanish Gypsy" by W. St. John Harper; and "Deep Mountain Gorge" by Fred B. Schell (1838-1905). The next four scenes depicted are the "Death of Zarca" by W.L. Sheppard, "Fedalma Dances in the Street" by W.L. Taylor, and two more illustrations by W. St. John Harper, "My Father Comes" and "'Tis a Sword." And finally, an Edmund H. Garrett illustration depicts the departure of the boat in "The Embarkment."

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  • George Fuller
  • W.L. Sheppard
  • W. St. John Harper
  • Fred B. Schell
  • W.L. Taylor
  • Edmund H. Garrett