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This course addresses a question at the root of our contemporary enrionmental crisis: how might we dwell responsibly in the places we call home, practicing attentive care for our human and non-human neighbors?  The class thereby highlights two related senses of dwelling: to dwell in, abide and inhabit, and to dwell on, to give time to something in thought or action.  We will focus on a number of authors and activitists in nineteenth-century Britain, each of whom struggled to bring attending and abiding into sensitive and ecological combination.  They all found a common point of reference in England's Lake District.  Key figures will be authors William and Dorothy Wordsworth, art and social critic John Ruskin, and Anglican clergyman Hardwicke Rawnsley.   

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Locations of rail stations proposed and protested in the railway debates 1844-1883.

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Places mentioned in the third day of class.

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Places mentioned in class first day.

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