Y90s Print and Performance

This map is comprised of various locations representing key components of the Y90s Print and Performance project within London. This tool, provided by COVE, visualizes the physical proximity of Ellen Terry and Edith Craig to the Y90s periodical contributors. The map also shows important landmarks to the Y90s Print and Performance project such as theatres, publishers, and costume studios. The map visualizes just how far Terry's networks reached. It is important to note that the locations on this map reflect the contributors most stable address in their correspondence to Terry and Craig. While it may not accurately portray where the contirbutors spent majority of their lives, it shows where in the world they wrote from. There are some contributors that did not have a stable address or even avaliable address on the Ellen Terry and Edith Craig database. For example, her son, Edward Gordon Craig, spent a lot of time traveling during his life and does not have a stable address in his correspondence to his mother. 

The Y90s contributors displayed on the map include: Max Beerbohm, Pamela Colman Smith, Walter Crane, Pearl Craigie, Mabel Deamer, Lady Augusta Gregory, Norman Hapgood, Herman Heijermans, Lewis C. Hind, Laurence Housman, Ford Madox Hueffer, Laurence Irving, Henry James, Richard Le Gallienne, George Moore, Joseph Pennell, William Rothestein, Martin Shaw, Evelyn Garnaut Smalley, Christopher St. John, Arthur Symons, Laurence Tadema, Ellen Terry, G. F. Watts, Theodore Watts, H. G. Wells, and William Butler Yeats.

The Y90s Contributors absent from the map include (becuase of inability to determine stable address): Edward Gordon Craig, Alix Egerton, and George Bernard Shaw.

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