Appomattox (VA)

This is the Location where Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union army and General Ulysses S Grant.  This moment is noticed as the offical end of the American Civil War.  Shortly after this the Union army started to move south, and started the process of emancipating what was a total of 3.5 millon slaves.  Here at Appomattox, Grant received a flag of truce from the Confederate army.  This small town symbolzies the start of a new chapter for our country and the beginning of our countries fight for racial equality.  The battle that led up to this surrender saw about 200 Confederate soldiers.  The signed documents of the surrendered took place at the Mclean House.  This was the final victory the Union needed to confidently enter the south and implement the Emancipation Proclamation.

Appomattox Court House Historical Park.jpg

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Latitude: 37.377520100000
Longitude: -78.796006900000