The Bastille was originally built to protect Paris from an English attack, but was quickly altered into a state prison where the monarch decided who could be imprisoned within its' walls. The walls were built with 100-ft high walls, and a wide moat surrounding the castle; furthermore, over a hundred guards always stood ground to protect. These imprisoned people were often higher class French citizens that spoke out against the monarchy/government and were thought of as a threat to Louis XIV. By the time of the storming, the castle held more than just the seven prisoners; it held many arms and weapons which might've been the main cause of the storming. Today, the Bastille's old spot is grounds for protestors and marchers. In the old Bastille's place is a column dedicated to the Revolution of 1830 (the July Revolution) labeled Colonne de Julliet (July Column), as the memories of the old Bastille is forgotten for the better.


Latitude: 48.852669300000
Longitude: 2.369417800000