Battersea is a district in southwest London. From the late eighteenth century, Battersea was established as an industrial area that was radically altered by the building of railways, which resulted in a significant population increase. Today, the area houses the New Covent Garden Market as well as the Royal Academy of Dance. 


Latitude: 51.463902400000
Longitude: -0.167741500000

Timeline of Events Associated with Battersea

Date Event Manage
Feb 1840

First pupil-teacher training school, Battersea, established

With a fellow reformer, E. Carleton Tuftnell, Kay-Shuttleworth established in February 1840 the first pupil-teacher training school in Battersea. This system was later extended to schools administered by the National and British Societies.


Florence S. Boos, “The Education Act of 1870: Before and After”