In Pride and Prejudice, Brighton serves as the location of an important turning point. It is a coastal town in the UK that was known for its rich entertainment and social scene during the Regency period. Lydia Bennet is invited to Brighton by Mrs. Forster, which gives her an excuse to spend more time with the military officers she has her eye on. Her stay in Brighton allows her to act without the control of her family and concludes when she elopes with Mr. Wickham. This scandalous behavior threatens to ruin her family's reputation, but her actions push the plot of the novel further and play a role in building the relationship of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Brighton also serves a significant role in Mansfield Park, as it is a location in which the actions of characters have large affects on their lives and the overall storyline. Similar to the scandal within the previous novel, Brighton is the destination where Maria and Mr. Rushworth go for their honeymoon with Julia Bertram in tow. (TG)

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Latitude: 50.822940200000
Longitude: -0.136267200000