Bull Ring, Birmingham

This was one of several cities of Chartist uprisings in England following the rejection of the 1839 Chartist Petition, one of the first attempts at a mass petition gaining 1,280,000 signatures from around the country. The Petition was presented to congress by Thomas Attwood on June 14 and was denied 235 to 46. The Bull Ring Riots was one of the largest Chartist protests that resulted from the rejection of the 1839 Petition. The site of Bull Ring was home to large Chartist gatherings which was met by state intervention consisting of 2,000 to 3,000 special constables to suppress the large gatherings. The Bull Ring Riots led to the burning of houses totalling 20,000 euros worth of damage. 




Latitude: 52.477644600000
Longitude: -1.894414700000