Chard is a town and a civil parish in Somerset, South West England. The town suffered significant damage from a 1577 fire and in the English Civil War. Some of the Bloody Assizes—trials of rebels who participated in the Monmouth Rebellion—were held here by Judge Jeffreys. In 1848, John Stringfellow first demonstrated that engine-powered flight was possible in Chard.


Latitude: 50.875132547722
Longitude: -2.962020859095

Timeline of Events Associated with Chard

Date Event Manage
1869 to 1869

Publication of James Gillingham’s 1869 *The Seat of the Soul, and Its Immortality: The Cases of Persons who have Suffered Amputation of their Limbs*

Gillingham’s 1869 publication is indicative of the nineteenth-century rise in persons with lost limbs and the interest in helping them with prosthetics as well as, in Gillingham’s case, more spiritual/psychological recognition of their loses. In this book, Gillingham offers a religious reading of phantom pain and presents the prosthetic as a way of allowing the physical body to attain the wholeness of the spiritual body. Gillingham lived and worked in Chard.

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Image also courtesy of Zemka's article

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Singleton, Gillingham's first patient, pushing Gillingham in wheelbarrow, 1893 Photograph of William Singleton, James Gillingham, and Sidney Gillingham, 1883 (courtesy of the Chard Museum and Heritage Centre)