Corfu Greece

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Corfu greece is a nice beatiful island a grat place to go on a honey moon. Its the second largest islands of the lonian islands     The beatiful island alos had alot of battle wars that happen the island have alot of history of battles and wars.  The first govenour of independent greece was born in Corfu.  Corfu became apart of greece in May of 1864. Corfu is called Kerkyra in greece Its related to powerful water god of the sea. Corfu was in a battle with italy during world war 2.  Corfu was once a important place now its attraction for tourist.  Its ancient temples all through the islands  The first greek university was found in corfu in 1824.  Everytime corfu went into battle they took big damges but they always come back as a country to kae sure the island is still around.  I learned alot about Corfu greece it was a place that seen alot of disaster and been through alot but ended up one of the preetiest places beatiful attractions and will have you ready to live there. British people tried invade the country the island and just take over and they were under the british rule.  Corfu greece will give my audience a diffrent persepctive then the picture the picture is how beaitful it is it always been beatiful but the island been through wars battles to have what it is today and they had long journey now Corfu greece is one of the nicest resorts and a great night life of having fun.  The novel you will understand more now on how revolution of countrys become and the history behind the good. 

The island is right of the shore in the map and its very tiny when you looking on a map.


Latitude: 39.624262100000
Longitude: 19.921677700000