Coxhoe Hall: Birth Place of EBB

EBB was born in Coxhoe Hall in Durham, England on 6 March 1806. She was the oldest of twelve children born to Edward and Mary Barrett Moulton Barrett.  

Coxhoe Hall


Latitude: 54.716228000000
Longitude: -1.503241000000

Timeline of Events Associated with Coxhoe Hall: Birth Place of EBB

Date Event Manage
6 Mar 1806

Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Birth

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (born Moulton Barrett), hereafter EBB, was born at Coxhoe Hall in county Durham, England to Edward Barrett Moulton Barrett (father) and his wife Mary (born Graham).  The strange doubling of "Barrett" in her maiden name resulted from an unusual legality regarding family inheritances, but it allowed her to use the initials "EBB" before and after her marrage to Robert Browning in 1846.