Da Vinci's "Clock at Chiaravalle"

One of Leonardo da Vinci's Clock designs was created and put on display in Chiaravalle, Marches, Italy. It includes three dials, or 'clock faces:' one for minutes, one for hours, and one to keep track of lunar phases. Although clocks that keep track of seconds were not invented after pendulums were introduced to clockwork, after the life of da Vinci, he created arguably the most accurate clocks in his time.


Latitude: 43.602332651491
Longitude: 13.327597046737

Timeline of Events Associated with Da Vinci's "Clock at Chiaravalle"

Date Event Manage
circa. 1480 to circa. 1519

Leonardo da Vinci's Clockworks

Da Vinci drew and developed many components of clocks, and some designs of entire clocks. These include a variety of gears and escapements, a very accurate three-dial clock for his time, and an alarm clock.