Delhi, India

When Delhi is referenced in North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, it is referring to the shawls that Margaret's cousin Edith and her aunt Mrs. Shaw wear. These shawls were made in India and began to be circulated in trade by the East Inda Trading Company because men of the British army bought them for their wives and daughters. They are made from the hair of kashmir goats this promting the name 'cashmere'.These shawls became poplular because they had paisley designs on them. At the beginning of the !860s they were extremely rare and were a sign of great wealth. As time went on they became more and more popular. Scottish weavers attempted to make these shawls using less expensive means and wanted to bring Indian people over to Europe to help manufacture. Cashmere shawls lost their appeal in the 1860s so they were never manufactured. This was a short fashion trend that didn't have a huge impact.

These Delhi shawls are significant in North and South because it shows the wealth that Margaret's extended famil had. It also proves that her cousin Edith's husband was in the British Navy. Him traveling would have procured these shawls for his wife and mother-in-law. This makes Elizabeth Gaskell's novel creditable and helps provide greater understanding of the family's wealth and dynamic. Also, by knowing the exact type of shawl that Mrs. Shaw and Edith wore helps with being able to picture their characters. Both the mother and daughter like the finer things in life and their clothing  would have had to be the best and most presentable.


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