Doctors of London

In the closing chapter of Jane Eyre, Jane is concluding her narrative and providing the reader with an overarching view of the last ten years of her life. Within this description, Jane explains Rochester’s vision in one eye had been restored and that they had set off for London to see a doctor. Scholar Prasad Mahabal Vaijayanti offers an insight to some of the experiences of a medical professional in Victorian era England might be like, stating “Physicians comprised of a handful of practicing doctors during the Victorian era. A chunk of them was located in London, where it was comparatively easy to find the chunk of the patient population and also the chances of making wealth and social status. To practice as a physician in London, a license from Royal College of Physicians was required” (Vaijayanti). The information presented by Vaijayanti helps the reader understand the lack of standardization within the medical community during this time and the severe lack of care Rochester and Jane would have actually experienced. Additionally, this excerpt speaks to the lack of medical care available and the necessity to travel in order to receive this care. Due to generalized lack of mobility/ transportation in 19th century England, doctors were forced to relocate to the most densely populated cities in order to have regular access to patients. Rochester and Jane had to pursue treatment within the city regardless of their current financial status, thus exemplifying the extreme difference in the medical community when compared to current day. 

Vaijayanti, Prasad Mahabal. “Victorian Era Doctors, Medical Practitioners.” Victorian Era, Mar. 2020,



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