Durand Line

The Durand Line marks the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was established by British diplomat Sir Mortimer Durand and Abdur Rahman Khan, Amir of Afghanistan, in 1896. The Durand Line was a source of controversy at the time of its establishment and continues to be one, as Afghan governments have not recognized it as a border since 1947.


Latitude: 32.526788863089
Longitude: 69.277148433057

Timeline of Events Associated with Durand Line

Date Event Manage
Nov 1878 to 2 May 1881

Anglo-Afghan War

Battle of KandaharThe Second Anglo-Afghan War grew out of longstanding tensions between Russia and Britain over Britain’s prized colonial possession of India. It lasted from November 1878 to May 1881. Image: Battle of Kandahar, 1880, by W. Skeoch Cumming. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Zarena Aslami, “The Second Anglo-Afghan War, or The Return of the Uninvited”

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