Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly

The exhibition hall was built in 1812, and was the first building in England to be influenced by the Egyptian style. It was commissioned by William Bullock to house his collection of curiosities brought back by Captain Cook, and it also displayed Napoleonic-era relics for a time. A massive success, it was one of the only London venues able to display large items. Later, it was home to shows of illusion, magic, and spiritualism. It was demolished in 1905. Related BRANCH Article: Robert David Aguirre, “Mexico, Independence, and Trans-Atlantic Exchange, 1822-24”


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Timeline of Events Associated with Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly

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8 Apr 1824

Mexico exhibit at Egyptian Hall

Egyptian HallOn 8 April 1824, Bullock opened the exhibit, “Ancient and Modern Mexico,” at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. Image: The Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, c. 1815. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Robert David Aguirre, “Mexico, Independence, and Trans-Atlantic Exchange, 1822-24″