The Fine Arts Gallery at No. 7 Haymarket, London

No. 7 Haymarket in the City of Westminster, in London’s West End, is located close to the National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square. Haymarket has been a prominent theatre district since the seventeenth century. British art dealer Louis Victor Flatow exhibited Frith’s The Railway Station in his gallery next to the Haymarket theatre. Related BRANCH Article: Nancy Rose Marshall, “On William Powell Frith's Railway Station, April 1862”


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Timeline of Events Associated with The Fine Arts Gallery at No. 7 Haymarket, London

Date Event Manage
19 Apr 1862

Railway Station exhibited

Photo of William Powell FrithOn 19 April 1862, the exhibition of William Powell Frith’s painting The Railway Station opens at the Fine Arts Gallery at No. 7 Haymarket, London. Image: Photograph of William Powell Frith (no date) by Maull & Polyblank. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Pamela Fletcher, "On the Rise of the Commercial Art Gallery in London"