Fleet Street

Fleet Street is a major street in the City of London that became known for printing and publishing in the sixteenth century. In March 1702, the first issue of London’s first daily newspaper, the Daily Courant, was published there. Today, Fleet Street features memorials to figures from the British press including Samuel Pepys and Lord Northcliffe.


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Timeline of Events Associated with Fleet Street

Date Event Manage
1 Mar 1847

The String of Pearls, or the Fiend of Fleet Street premiered

Title Page of Sweeney ToddOn 1 March 1847, George Dibdin Pitt’s melodrama The String of Pearls, or the Fiend of Fleet Street (the first play to introduce Sweeney Todd to the stage, adapted from the The String of Pearls: A Romance) premiered at the Britannia Saloon. In 1883, a significantly altered version was published as Sweeney Todd: The Barber of Fleet Street, or The String of Pearls in Dick’s Standard Plays. Image: Title page of Sweeney Todd, or The String of Pearls, Dick’s Standard Plays No. 499. Theatre Collections, Templeman Library, University of Kent, UK. Used with permission.


Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, “1847: Sweeney Todd and Abolition”