Genoa is a port city on the northwestern coast of Italy, located on the Gulf of Genoa in the Ligurian Sea. In 1797, the Genoan Republic became a French protectorate and would later be annexed by France in 1805. Genoa liberated itself from French rule in 1814. Following the 1815 Congress of Vienna, it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia.


Latitude: 44.407006063021
Longitude: 8.934488300001

Timeline of Events Associated with Genoa

Date Event Manage
1494 to 1498

Second Italian War

The Second Italian War began when King Louis XII of France pressed his claim on the thrones of Milan and Naples. Louis had a claim to the thrones through his paternal grandmother and in 1499, he invaded Italy. He took Milan, Genoa, and Naples. 

When Duke Lodovico Sforza was overthrown, Leonardo da Vinci fled Milan with his assistant and friend to Venice. In Venice he was employed as a military architect and engineer. He designed methods of defending the city from naval attack. 

Louis was driven out of Naples in 1503 by Spain after a defeat at Cerignola. The battle of Cerignola was the first battle in history won by gunpowder small arms.

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Battle of Cerignola