Currently Scotland’s most populous city, Glasgow is a city located on the river Clyde in the West Central Lowlands of Scotland. Its situation on the Clyde allowed it to become a major center of shipbuilding in the Industrial Revolution. It is home to the University of Glasgow, one of Scotland’s four ancient universities, founded in 1451.


Latitude: 55.855883207042
Longitude: -4.340615270776

Timeline of Events Associated with Glasgow

Date Event Manage
16 Jun 1819

Glasgow meeting of weavers

On 16 June 1819, 40,000 weavers met at Glasgow to petition the Prince Regent for passage money to Canada for the unemployed.


James Chandler, “On Peterloo, 16 August 1819″

15 Nov 1819

Simultaneous Scottish radical meetings

On 15 November 1819, simultaneous radical meetings occurred at Paisley, Glasgow, and other locations across Scotland.


James Chandler, “On Peterloo, 16 August 1819″