Hatchard's Bookshop

Hatchard's bookshop was founded in 1797 by John Hatchards. It is London's oldest bookshop, located at 187 Piccadilly Street. Its location has changed slightly through the years, but always on Piccadilly. Hatchard's has attracted such prolific writers as Oscar Wilde, Beatrix Potter, Lord Byron, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It hosted the early meetings of the Royal Society of Literature (founded in 1820).

The popular Atalanta magazine, marketed as a high-class literary publication for young girls, was launched by Hatchards in 1887. It was distributed monthly, for the cost of sixpence. Unfortunately, Atalanta magazine was discontinued in December 1898.


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Timeline of Events Associated with Hatchard's Bookshop

Date Event Manage
Oct 1887

Launch of Atalanta

Under the editorship of L.T. Meade and Alicia A. Leith, Atalanta was a monthly girls' periodical magazine containing fiction, literary essays, and articles related to girls' issues. Atalanta's first publishing company was Hatchards (1887-1890). Other publishing companies Trischler and Co. (1890-1892), Marshall Bros (1892-1896), and Marshall Russel and Co. Ltd. (1896-1898) published later editions. L.T. Meade was among the writers in early issues, along with Frances Hodgson Burnett, H. Rider Haggard, Grant Allen, Amy Levy, John Strange Winter, and Walter Besant. In the fiction section, Atalanta offered both serialized and short stories, focusing on domestic dramas such as Mrs. Molesworth's "Neighbours" (October 1887-March 1888), and adventures such as H.E. Hamilton King's A Tale of Three Lions (October-December 1887). In the literary articles section, early publications featured Anne Thackeray on Jane Austen, Mary Ward on E.B. Browning, Charlotte Yonge on John Keble, Andrew Lang on Walter Scott. Poems were also featured in this magazine, across various themes such as sentimental, seasonal, religious, and historical subjects.  

L.T. Meade, the first editor of Atalanta. In this image, she is portrayed in half-body portrait, from head to waist, in a Victorian dress. She is facing almost 90 degrees to the left. Her hair is neatly brushed with small bun. An earring is shown on her right ear. L.T. Meade (1844-1914). Author and first editor of Atalanta. Credits: Project Gutenberg. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/23653/23653-h/images/meade.jpg
Oct 1890 to Sep 1891

Clemence Housman publishes "The Were-Wolf" in Atalanta: A Magazine for Girls

Editor L.T. Meade published Clemence Housman's The Were-Wolf  in the December 1890 Christmas number of Atalanta (volume four, pages 132-156). The version of The Were-Wolf  in this magazine has four full-page illustrations, one historiated initial letter, and one inset illustration. It also varies in typography and diction from the 1896 Bodley Head edition. in AtalantaThe Were-Wolf was illustrated by Everard Hopkins, who created wash drawings reproduced by halftone engravings.

First page of "The Were-Wolf" in Atalanta with illuminated initial First page of "The Were-Wolf" in Atalanta (1890). http://omeka-s.rula.info/s/werewolf/
Sep 1898

Closure of Atalanta

Under the editorship of A. Balfour Symington and Edwin Oliver, Atalanta maintained its educational concept and incorporated Symington's Lady Victorian Magazine (1891-1892) into it. However, the number of elaborate illustrations that surrounded many of the stories and poems began to decrease after L.T. Meade's departure as editor in 1891, possibly due to increasing publication and printing costs. The amalgamation of Atalanta and Victorian Magazine seemed to be the reason behind L.T. Meade's departure. However, she conceded in the celebrity interview in 1892 that Atalanta took up plenty of her time. She left Atalanta completely in 1893. Atalanta changed its cover design in 1894 and Edwin Oliver edited the last two volumes which featured fewer distinguished writers than was customary for the publication. Atalanta shut down completely in September 1898.

Decorated blue cover of bound Victorian magazine Atalanta Cover of Atalanta, http://omeka-s.rula.info/s/werewolf/