Langham Place

Langham Place is a street in Westminster in the West End of London. From the 1850s, 19 Langham Place was the office of the English Woman’s Journal and became the headquarters of the Langham Place Group, an organization of women interested in questions of women’s education and employment. Since the 1930s, Langham Place has also been home to Broadcasting House, the headquarters of the BBC.


Latitude: 51.517417751861
Longitude: -0.143550038119

Timeline of Events Associated with Langham Place

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English Woman’s Journal first published

photo of ParkesMarch 1858 saw the first issue of England’s first feminist monthly magazine, the English Woman's Journal. Aimed primarily at a middle-class audience, the magazine promoted new employment and educational opportunities for women, and featured a mix of political and social commentary, reportage of current events, poetry, book reviews, and a correspondence column. Image: Photograph of Bessie Rayner Parkes Belloc (date unknown). This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Janice Schroeder, “On the English Woman’s Journal, 1858-62″