Lodz is a city in central Poland located 75 miles (120km) southwest of Warsaw. In the fourteenth century, Lodz was a small settlement but became a city in 1423. It was an important industrial center and was once one of Poland's largest cities, especially for textiles. During World War II, the Nazi Germany occupied the city and established the Lodz Ghetto (the second largest German ghetto) where they forced Jewish citizens to live before being sent to German concentration camps. Today it is home to Piotrkowska Street (pictured here; the city's high street and one of the longest commercial streets in the world at 5km), the Muzeum Sztuki (a museum of modern art), and the Lodz Jewish Cemetary at Bracka Street, which was once the largest Jewish cemetary in Poland.


Latitude: 51.759248500000
Longitude: 19.455983300000