London's Lyceum Theatre

Located in London’s West End in the City of Westminster, the theatre dates back to 1765. The building was rebuilt in 1834 after the first theatre burnt down, and then rebuilt again and ornamented in the Rococo style in 1904. The current building retains the original’s façade and portico. The theatre has housed the circus, the opera, and a display of Madame Taussauds’ waxworks. The Lyceum has been home to The Lion King since 1999. Related BRANCH Article: Angela Esterhammer, “1824: Improvisation, Speculation, and Identity-Construction”


Latitude: 51.511519967547
Longitude: -0.120922922870

Timeline of Events Associated with London's Lyceum Theatre

Date Event Manage
25 Mar 1824 to 25 Apr 1824

Charles Mathews’ Trip to America

mezzotint of Charles MatthewFrom 25 March to late April 1824, comic actor and impersonator Charles Mathews performed the most famous of his annual “At Home” shows at London’s Lyceum Theatre. Image: Charles Mathews, detail from a mezzotint by C. Turner, 1825, after an oil painting by James Lonsdale. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.

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