Marylebone is located in London's West End and is named for a church of St. Mary at the Bourne, having been built on the bank of the stream, Tybourne (or Tyburn). It is currently part of the City of Westminster. In the eighteenth century, the area was home to the popular pleasure gardens, Marylebone Gardens, as well as the dueling grounds, Marlebone Fields. Famous people who lived in Marlybone inclue John Lennon of The Beatles, who lived at 34 Montagu Square, and Paul McCartney who lived at 57 Wimpole Street; painter J.M.W. Turner at 47 Queen Anne Street; Arthur Conan Doyle, who opened his ophthalmic practice here in 1891; Charles Dickens; Edward Gibbon; and Elizabeth Barrett Browning at her father's house at 50 Wimpole Street.

Image: 1834 survey of the borough of St. Marylebone.


Latitude: 51.518874600000
Longitude: -0.149895500000