Moelfre comprises a village, harbor, and small settlements on the northeastern coast of the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. The harbor was formerly a center for local fishing; a lifeboat station has been based here since 1854. Among many shipwrecks off the coast is that of the Royal Charter in 1859.


Latitude: 53.354147375452
Longitude: -4.240543171709

Timeline of Events Associated with Moelfre

Date Event Manage
25 Oct 1859 to 26 Oct 1859

Royal Charter Storm

The Royal Charter Storm (25-26 October 1859) was perhaps the most devastating weather event to occur in Britain in the nineteenth century, a gale that is named for the wreck of the Royal Charter steamship off the coast of North Wales and the subsequent drowning of most of its passengers and crew. Image: The Wreck of the "Royal Charter" on the Coast of Anglesea Near Moelfre. The Illustrated London News 5 November 1859: 447. Used with permission. The D. B. Weldon Library, Western University (Canada).


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