New Gallery, Regent Street

The New Gallery was founded in 1888 by Joseph Comyns Carr and Charles Edward Hallé, who had previously been directors of the Grosvenor Gallery and had resigned in 1887. The gallery continued the ideals of the Grosvenor and was an important venue for artists of the Pre-Raphaelite and Aesthetic movements. Edward Burne-Jones supported the venue and alongside Lawrence Alma-Tadema and William Holman Hunt joined the Consulting Committee. The Gallery was also supported by George Frederic Watts and Frederic Leighton. In 1888, the New Gallery hosted the first exhibition of the Arts and Crafts Society under the direction of the Society’s president, Walter Crane. The Society’s annual exhibitions were held here. 


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Timeline of Events Associated with New Gallery, Regent Street

Date Event Manage
1 Oct 1888

First Arts & Crafts exhibition

photo of Walter CraneOn 1 Oct 1888, the First Arts and Crafts exhibition opened. The Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society provided a venue for the public display of decorative arts in central London. Image: Photograph of Walter Crane, first president of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society. Detail of photo by Frederick Hollyer, from the album Portraits of Many Persons of Note, 1886. This image is in the public domain in the United States as its copyright has expired.


Imogen Hart, “On the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society”

Morna O’Neill, “On Walter Crane and the Aims of Decorative Art”

15 Nov 1888

"Letterpress Printing" lecture

Kelmscott Press logotypeOn 15 November 15 1888, Emery Walker gives lecture, “Letterpress Printing,” at the Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the New Gallery, Regent Street. The lecture was attended by William Morris and Oscar Wilde; the idea of the Kelmscott Press is born. Image: Kelmscott Press logotype. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.