Norway is a prominent Scandinavian country, neighboring Finland and Sweden. Norway also retains control over the northern archipelago Svalbard. From the eighth to tenth centuries, Vikings from Scandinavia colonized, raided, and traded throughout Europe. Norwegian Vikings were particularly active in the British Isles and also discovered Iceland. Norway was part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway from 1537 to 1814 and then in a personal union with Sweden from 1814 to 1905. Its capital, Oslo, is the most populous city in Norway and is crucial for maritime trade, the banking industry, and in 2012 ranked number one among European cities in quality of life. Famous Norwegians include painter Edvard Munch, writer Henrik Ibsen, and pianist Edvard Grieg.


Latitude: 61.142351312763
Longitude: 8.210451006889