Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo

The sacristy is a room traditionally used for priests to put on garments for a religious ritual. In this case, it was intended to be a mausoleum for the founder of Medici dynasty, Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici. The room was designed by Brunelleschi, and has many elements that represent the epitome of Renaissance architecture. It emphasizes the use of fundamental geometric shapes, to create a sense of clarity and solemnity. Brunelleschi borrowed many elements, such as fluted pilasters and corinthian capitals, from ancient Roman architecture but used them in a new way. The tomb of  Giovanni and Piero de' Medici, created by Verrocchio, is found in this mausoleum.

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Longitude: 11.253646800000

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Tomb of Piero and Giovanni de Medici by Verrocchio

The tomb of Piero and Giovanni de Medici, completed in 1472, was the Medici’s first major commission from Italian painter and sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio. The sarcophagus is unique both in its composition and its materials. The tomb is set in an archway and uses a combination of coloured marble and porphyry, complimented by decorative bronze ornamentation. Verrocchio was a master of both stone and metalwork, which sets this tomb apart from others of this period. This work is significant not only because it marks the start of the Medici’s lifelong patronage of Verrocchio, but also because it is most likely the inspiration piece for the marble bench that appears in da Vinci’s Annunciation. This provides evidence that Leonardo da Vinci was active in Verrocchio's workshop, and both masters may have had a hand in painting Annunciation

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Tomb of Piero and Giovanni de Medici by Verrocchio Tomb of Piero and Giovanni de Medici by Verrocchio