Old St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in central London. Visitors enter through the West Entrance. Below is a map containing various features of St. Paul’s. Within the Cathedral, there are dedicated chapels to St. Michael and St. George, Middlesex Chapel dedicated to St. Erkenwald and St. Ethelburga, Dean’s Staircase which was featured in Harry Potter, Wellington’s Monument, along with various other attractions. Remnants within the cathedral pre- The Great Fire are stored within the cathedral as well. The South Transept is dedicated to Admiral Horatio Nelson. Westminster Abbey, another cathedral, is located near St. Paul’s as well as Postman’s Park. Videography is not allowed within the cathedral but taking pictures, as long as it is not of workers/services is.  More recently, there has been an equal access entrance installed to the North Transept which contains ramps and stairs.  As for bathroom accessibility, I could not find any mention of bathrooms on site.


Latitude: 51.513845300000
Longitude: -0.098350600000