Padua (Padova)

Padua is a city and comune in Veneto, northern Italy.


Latitude: 45.406434900000
Longitude: 11.876761100000

Timeline of Events Associated with Padua (Padova)

Date Event Manage
1390 to 1404

War for control of Padua

Venice sided with the Carraras again (along with Florence and Bologna) to oust Milan from Padua. Once the Carraras were back in power in Padua, they attacked Milan-controlled Vicenza. The Milanese arranged for Venice to attack Padua to stop the Carraran western advance. Venetians captured Padua in November 1404; they executed Francesco Carrara and his son Jacopo. Venetians now controled Padua, Vicenza and Verona, along with Treviso.

Cities of the Veneto Cities of the Veneto
30 Nov 1508 to 19 Aug 1580

Life of Andrea Palladio

 Andrea Palladio was born in Padua but moved to Venice when he was still in his youth. Thirteen-year-old Andrea Palladio was an apprentice to a Venetian stonemason before being taken into a Classical education setting by mentor Gian Giorgio Trissino. Throughout his career, Palladio was responsible for many famous Italian structures, including the Teatro Olimpico theatre, Il Redentore church, and Villa Rotunda home. Palladio spread his genius by reproducing his work in several books in Italian, which made his expertise accessible to a large audience. His most famous publication was Quattro Libri. This image is from Wikipedia and is labeled Public Domain.