Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, located on the river Vltava in the northwest of the country. It is also the historical capital of the region of Bohemia, and was the capital of Czechoslovakia during the period of that nation’s existence between 1918 and 1993. Prague has long been a cultural, political, and economic European city. It was the seat of several Holy Roman Emperors and crucial to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was the site of the Prague Spring, an attempt to introduce reforms to Soviet rule in 1968, and of the Velvet Revolution, a series of demonstrations against Communist Party rule in 1989.


Latitude: 50.087398113794
Longitude: 14.421143531799

Timeline of Events Associated with Prague

Date Event Manage
14 Jun 1866 to 2 Aug 1866

Austro-Prussian War

Battle of Koniggratz, paintingAustro-Prussian War (also known as the Third Italian Independence War or the Seven Weeks’ War), was fought from 14 June 1866 to 23 August 1866, after which Italy gains Venice from Austria. Image: The Battle of Königgrätz, by Georg Bleibtreu. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Alison Chapman, "On Il Risorgimento"

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