Richard Le Gallienne

Bears' Wallow, Lake Hill, Catskill Mts, USA

Richard La Gallienne was born on January 20th, 1866 in Liverpool. From 1875 to December 1881 Le Gallienne attended Middle School of Liverpool College. At the insistence of his father, Le Gallienne began a career in accounting following his time at Liverpool college. However, he had no interest in this type of work and abandoned it for a literary career. His first work. My Ladies Sonnets, was published in 1887 and it was this book of poems that drew his attention of John Lane, who he met in 1888 (Boyd 2). Throughout the 1890s Le Gallienne was a prominent critic, author, and lecturer. He published in majority of the issues of The Yellow Book and served as a critic on a number of publications, including The Academy. In 1903, Le Gallienne left England permanently to live in the United States. His career as a writer did not pan out as he had initially hoped for. In 1927 he moved to France with his third wife and lived in both Paris and Menton. Le Gallienne died on September 16th, 1947, in Menton, and was buried near Aubrey Beardsley’s grave.  


Latitude: 42.009290800000
Longitude: -74.382111600000