Salisbury Cathedral Clock

Said to be the oldest working clock in the world, it orginally used the Verge and Foliet escapements, which were later replaced a verge and pendulum, and when the clock was restored in 1956, a new Verge and Foliet was installed.


Latitude: 51.064908500000
Longitude: -1.797288600000

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Salisbury Cathedral Clock Mechanism

circa. 1280 to circa. 1280

Verge and Foliet Clock

The Verge and Foliet are the first escapements to be used to construct the first mechanical clocks. Using a notched wheel and a rod wih two plates, the rotational motion of the wheel can be controlled and regulated into small ticks. These escapements were used in all clocks until the pendulum was introduced, and da Vinci used these mechanisms in his own clockwork.

The animated motion of a Verge escapement