Sierra Leone

The Republic of Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. The nation takes its name from the Portuguese Serra da Leoa, which means “Lioness Mountains.” The country became a trading point for slaves, and later, Freetown, a colony for Black Loyalists, became the capital of British West Africa. Sierra Leone became independent from the United Kingdom on 27 April 1961. Agriculture and mining are the nation’s largest economic bases.  Related BRANCH article: Isaac Land, On the Foundings of Sierra Leone, 1787-1808



Timeline of Events Associated with Sierra Leone

Date Event Manage
9 Apr 1787

First settlers depart for Sierra Leone

Free Slaves in Sierra LeoneOn 9 April 1787, 451 people set sail to establish a “Province of Freedom” in Africa, later to become Sierra Leone. Image: An illustration of liberated slaves arriving in Sierra Leone, from the 1835 book, A System of School Geography Chiefly Derived from Malte-Brun, by Samuel Griswold Goodrich. This image is in the public domain in the United States as its copyright has expired.


Isaac Land, “On the Foundings of Sierra Leone, 1787-1808″