Southwark is a district of Central London and part of the London Borough of Southwark. It is one of the oldest parts of London and is located on the south side of the river Thames. In the sixteenth century, Southwark was the entertainment district for London, as it stood outside of the City’s control. Attractions included bear-baiting, brothels, and theatres, including its first playhouse theatre, The Rose, and the Globe Theatre, both known for their affiliations with Shakespeare.

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Latitude: 51.502031974388
Longitude: -0.099847018610

Timeline of Events Associated with Southwark

Date Event Manage
The middle of the month Spring 1616

Shakespeare dies, last will and testament is released to family. Jake Karan

In April 1616, William Shakespeare, passed away from what scholars believe to be sickness. His last will was Probated in June 1616.

While his death might have been a sad event for his staff and family, the tragedy has been mourned throughout history.