St. Giles Rookery

Located in the city of Westminster and about a 21 minute travel from St. Pauls, the Buckingham Palace resides. During our time of travel, there will be a considerable amount of lush gardening. It covers over 83,700 sq feet and has 755 rooms. Buckingham Palace contains the following rooms:188 bedrooms, 92 offices, 72 bathrooms, a post office, a cinema, a swimming pool, a surgical room, various drawing rooms, guard rooms, and a jeweler’s workshop. A drawing room is an alternate name for a living room.  Whereas in the former rookeries of St Giles, where our hotel is located, is about an eleven minute travel from Westminster. Today, St. Giles is rich with buildings, cultures, fine dining, and businesses, and has lost any remnants of the poverty it once contained.  The Tottenham Court tube station, built in the 1900s, allows for easier travel and the expansion of business, and inter-cultural transmission.