St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, is an Anglican cathedral, built on Ludgate Hill, the highest point of the City of London. Its dedication to Paul the Apostle dates back to the original church founded on the site in 604 CE. Sir Christopher Wren designed the present cathedral in the English Baroque style, built between 1669 and 1711. At 111 meters high, the Grade I listed building was the tallest in London until 1967. St. Paul’s is a working church, the seat of the Bishop of London, and the mother church of the Diocese of London.


Latitude: 51.513845300000
Longitude: -0.098350600000

Timeline of Events Associated with St. Paul's Cathedral

Date Event Manage
18 Nov 1852

Wellington's funeral

portrait of the Duke of WellingtonAfter a two-month delay, Wellington was buried at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on 18 November 1852 after a procession watched by 1.5 million people and a funeral service attended by 10,000. At the time the funeral was almost certainly the most costly and spectacular in English history, and it was undoubtedly so for anyone not a member of the royal family. Image: Sir Thomas Lawrence, Portrait of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1814). This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Sean Grass, “On the Death of the Duke of Wellington, 14 September 1852″